Monday, September 28, 2009

It is OVER!!! Thank God it’s over. I did it!!! It was hard but I completed it only stopping once to use the restroom. I'll do my best to describe the race. I spent the evening before loading up on carbs, my buddy and I went to an Italian restaurant and we had lots of pasta and bread to get ready for the run ahead. The race started at exactly 8am. It was a beautiful day. The temperature was about 69, the sun was out and it was not windy, an Ideal day to run. There was so much excitement in the air, thousands of people getting ready to run. I had an energy bar and a pop tart, some coffee and a lot of water. I felt good at the start of the race but unfortunately I started to tire at about mile 2 because I was not used to the hills. There were so many rolling hills through out the entire race. Fortunately at about mile 3 my body adjusted to the hills and I changed my strategy. Prior to adjusting to the hills I was working extremely hard to get up the hills and also exerting a lot of energy going down the hill because I was sprinting down the hills. I quickly stopped doing that as soon as I noticed that I was tiring, I started holding a consistent pace up and down the hills and that word out great for me. Through the whole race I stopped only once due to the effects of all the water I drank before the race. I wont lie I felt like stopping a few times during the race but I just kept telling myself that my training will be all a waste if I do, So I kept pushing and even had enough left in the tank to sprint for the finish as soon as it came into view; the crowd waiting at the finish line loved it, they went crazy as soon as they saw me sprinting at the end. I completed the race in 2hrs31mins ranking 922/1159. Not too proud of my ranking. ;-)

It was a great experience, during the race I was thinking I might never do it again, but now that it’s over I want to do it again and hopefully I'll repeat it next year. With better results. For all those who are interested let me know, we can train together.

Thanks to all who followed my blog to the end. Thanks for all the encouragement and support. To all who think it’s impossible, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!!


Anonymous said...

I know this is long over, but I do want to add my congratulations! I am proud of you for accomplishing this! Good on you!

Osayie said...

Thanks Anonymous!!!