Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Its 4 days till race day and I am just about ready for the race. Training has going well so far. I had a good training program last week, except that I was unable to do my long run until yesterday. Yesterday I ran 12 miles; it was great all the way till I got to 11 miles. It all hit me as I reached 11; I had to will myself to the finish. I was wondering what they said about if you can do 10 you'll be able to do the half marathon with no problem. I hit a wall once I got to 11. That last mile felt like it would never end. I hope that race will be better; at least I know I can push myself beyond my breaking point. Now I just have to get plenty of rest for my body to recuperate for the race. I am a little nervous about the race because the other day I looked at the elevation profile for the course and there are two 120ft hills, unfortunately my training has been on relatively smooth grounds. Wish me your best; I'll be sure give a final report of my race day experience and my final thoughts. Thanks for keeping track of my progress.

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GVC said...

yaaaaay sweetie! i'm so proud of you and that you are so close to accomplishing this goal. you will be great, but remember: God is with you always and lean on him when you feel like you can't push any further! I love you!!!!