Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It’s funny how each time you run you learn something new about your body and how it reacts to the training. My goal starting this week is to increase my weekly training to 4 miles each time I train. Yesterday I got on the treadmill for my training, and it turned out that getting to the 4 mile goal was harder than I expected. I assumed that since I ran 5.5miles straight on Saturday, it would easy. Unfortunately it took a lot of will power. I am learning that each day is a different day; sometimes you can’t assume because you were successful yesterday you will be able to complete your goal with ease today. Well thankfully I was able to will myself to 4 miles despite the difficulty. One down and two more training days to go before my long run on Saturday. ;-)


Gina V. Dunn said...

The treadmill is the most boring place on earth. The mini track in the NU gym comes in a close 2nd.
Where I grew up in Florida, the sidewalks were primarily used for students to run. You rarely saw someone who was walking just to get from point A to B. However when I got to Boston, the sidewalks were too crowded for me, especially around the NU area. So I went from being a person who could run outside for like an hour to someone who could not run for more than like 20 minutes. The difference was that I was on the treadmill. Even to run those 20 minutes, I needed really upbeat CD.

Osayie said...

I understand how being away from Florida can discourage you from running. The NU area is not a good place to run, I suggest you try running in places like Castle Island, Malibu Beach, wollaston beach etc. And take it easy, have fun with it. ;-)