Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yesterday was a busy day, I started out with work in the morning and then golf lessons in the afternoon. Golf lesson was so much fun, but it took a lot more out of me than I thought. Myself and Gillian, my girl friend, finished from golf lessons at about 4pm. Trust me all I wanted to do after that was take a long nap, then I received a call from Nate, my training partner. He called to tell me it was time to go running, all I wanted to do was tell him I was tired, but fortunately I didn't. We made plans to be at Castle Island, our training site, at 5pm.

Our run was amazing; I took my training to a new level. I ran about 5.5 miles straight before walking another 1.5 miles; altogether 7 miles. My longest distance so far. It puts me just a little over the half way point of the half marathon. This progress bolsters my resolve and belief that I can and will accomplish my goal of completing the race in September. In only a week I went from not being able to run 3 miles straight, without stopping, to running 5.5 miles, amazing how quickly your body adjusts to training.

By the way, the new gear I got to prevent the sweating helped out a lot. The under armor heat gear was very beneficial, it did the job it was advertised to do, it kept me cool during my run, also the head band kept sweat away from my face. Thanks to the representative at Olympia Sport. My next step it to get myself a new sneaker, I’m told that should help my knees, back and joints.


Gillian said...

I'm so glad your new gear worked for you, sweetie....not to mention you looked cute in it! :)

Osayie said...

Thanks Babe!!!