Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Following the kind of week I had last week, I'll say this week is going great; as far as my training is concerned. I ended up taking Sunday off to help Gillian paint her bathroom. It was a work out, to say the least, you should have seen us. We did a good job though. On Monday I decided to make up for last week so I ran about 6 miles then walked 2 miles, totaling 8 miles of training. It was tough but I was glad I pulled it off. On the onset I did not think I'll pull it off, since I did not really train hard the week before, but I did it, thanks to good music and a cool breeze by the beach. Yesterday I decided to play tennis since I had a long run the day before. Today is date night, so I am off as usual, but I'll be back training again on Thursday. I hope to do 4 miles. Will keep you posted.

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Gillian said...

You can do it sweetie - I have no doubt! Especially with the spaghetti on steroids as your carb fuel (!) xo