Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thank God last week was a whole lot better than two weeks ago. Just like I planned, I had a great week of training and on Saturday, despite going paint balling I decided to do my long run because the weather was perfect; it was nice and cool. I ran 8 miles straight and felt like I could run even more, it was great. Thanks to all of you who sent e-mails of encouragement. I really appreciate all the support.

Unfortunately this week is shaping up to be a horrible week of training, yesterday I did not train because I had fellowship and I got home late. Tonight is my cousin's birthday, so after work I am going for her birthday dinner so most likely I might not get to train. This weekend I'll be in New York. Let's hope that this bad week won't set me back to much. Race day is exactly a month from tomorrow.

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GVC said...

....little did you know. Your BEST week yet! I love you! xoxo