Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last week was very interesting, I had an awesome week of training, I pretty much followed the schedule to a T. But unfortunately on Saturday I was unable to do my long run because I went to Six Flags with the family and Sunday was my sister's birthday so I did not get to run. Anyway, I woke up early yesterday to do my Long run. My goal was to run 8 miles in keeping with my training schedule. Unfortunately I have bad news to report; for once I was unsuccessful at reaching my goal, I made a few critical mistakes during my run. First I did not eat anything before my run, secondly, I did not drink enough water, I waited too long before my first water break, and those of you who live in Boston know the kind of weather we've been experiencing the past few days. It’s been really hot and humid. I felt like I was about to pass out so I had to stop at about 6 miles. I ended up walking about 2.5 miles bringing my training to about 8.5 miles but not the way I intended to do it; I felt like I regressed in my training. My plans are to train hard this week and see if I can do better on my next long run. I'll let you know how it goes; hopefully I'll have good news to report.

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GVC said...

Hi Honey! Don't feel bad - you will do SO much better today. I think the "not eating and drinking" mistake is one you will never make again! Remember - it's a process and each mistake is a learning opportunity. I love you - you are doing so great and I am so proud of you! xoxo